About MBC


Mountain Baptist Church is affiliated with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. Our Sunday worship services are celebrated in a relaxed, informal atmosphere with contemporary music, and opportunities for people to participate, share and interact as they feel comfortable.

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MBC Purpose Statment

The purpose of Mountain Baptist Church is to be an authentic corporate expression of Jesus by:

reaching up to God in worship,
reaching out to one another in nurture, and
reaching beyond to the world in mission
through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Our Vision

Our vision at Mountain Baptist Church is to mature and multiply disciples of Jesus through authentic relationships. Simply stated, our vision is: Discipleship through relationship.

Five Core Values of MBC

These are the core principles which define and guide us as we pursue our vision:

1. The Bible as God’s Story – We believe that the Bible is the true and authoritative story of God’s relationship with humankind through which He guides our everyday lives. We are learning to listen to the Spirit’s voice in scripture as He connects God’s story with the story of our lives. Our private worlds are enlarged as we begin to see ourselves personally and corporately as participants in the great drama which God is unfolding and bringing to completion.

2. Inside-out Spirituality – We believe that every true Christian is a new creation in Christ and embodies His life and presence. Our focus is on what God has done to us and for us in the Spirit rather than on our own efforts in the flesh. The process of discipleship involves learning from Jesus how to release and manifest His life from the deepest part of our being (spirit) outward through faith and obedience. (Colossians 1:27 “Christ in you, the hope of glory”).

3. Unity with Diversity – We believe that the church is a community of diverse members who are made one through their common faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. We believe that all Christians are called to manifest unity without uniformity and diversity without division as a reflection of God's relational nature in the Trinity, and as a sign of the reconciling power of the gospel. Beyond seeking unity with diversity in our own congregation, we also pray for and promote unity with diversity among the other congregations in Christ's Body. 

4. Every Member, Everyday Ministry – We believe that every member of Christ’s body is called and equipped by the Holy Spirit to serve God’s purposes in the world (i.e. minister) in all places at all times for His glory. Regardless of our roles, gifts, or titles, we are all ministers and we are all to participate in ministry. Our primary ministries usually take place where we spend the majority of our time since that’s where the life of Jesus is most often being revealed through us to serve God’s purposes.

5. Intergenerational Family Life – We believe that the church is God's multigenerational Family and that He grows us up together through intergenerational discipling relationships. We are resistant to the world’s tendency to divide and isolate age groups—an approach which often results in misunderstanding and distrust. At our gatherings we want to encourage mutual respect, appreciation, service, and fellowship between all church family members.